Video and Social Advertising


With the advent of YouTube, more and more companies and individual online marketers are using the video marketing medium to promote their products. The paramount advantage of video marketing is the possibility to show the real product to the buyers and customers. Humans have the tendency to respond to visuals, hence online marketers use this secret advantage to drive buyers to their website using videos.


According to statistics YouTube has a user count of over 1 Billion and more than one hundred million hours of videos are watched on a daily basis which is enormous! Not only that, the number of people accessing YouTube is increasing every year while new videos are uploaded on a daily basis from all over the world in different languages.


YouTube and Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instergram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Zazzle are somewhat inter connected. Webpages uses many links within web content leading to YouTube videos to show the product or products described in their web pages.


It is estimated that there are over 2.1 billion people uses smartphone as of today globally and that is expected to reach 4.6 Billion uses by 2019. Each and every smartphone user has access to Facebook, Pinterest, Instergram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Zazzle and YouTube.


Statistics reveals, Pinterest has a monthly user count of 175 Million with 50 Billion Pins and 1 Billion Boards by 2018. As of June 2017 Twitter counted 328 million monthly active users. Instagram has reached 1 Billion active users in mid-2018. A significant amount of users have accessed these Social Media using their Mobile Devices. There is an enormous opportunity to use all of these video marketing platforms to target prospective buyers with a brand or product video. On all platforms, videos can go viral and drive in tons of traffic.


There are different types of videos used in video marketing for different marketing engagements consistent with the product marketed.


Educational Videos – These are short to long videos lasting from 10 to 30 minutes. In this type of video you will not be selling any products, rather you can use those videos to promote a money making program, investment opportunity or give instructions how to do a certain task related to earning an income.


Branding Videos – These videos are typically no longer than 2 minutes. However, for the vast majority of these videos 1-2 Minutes is the goal. These videos are dynamic as they could be used to introduce a brand or product and should establish a problem and solve it within the timeframe. Most brands implement these types of videos in their marketing campaigns.


Promo of Sales Videos – These videos can range anywhere between 5-10 minutes and are typically used on landing pages or squeeze pages. These videos are used to promote a product or service clearly explaining the product or service and at the end call for action. Promo or Sales Videos are created to make it easier for the prospective buyers to understand the product being marketed.


Viral Videos – viral videos are short and not longer than 1 minute or less in length. The purpose of a viral video is to drive traffic to a webpage. All viral videos have one common aspect which is the urge that causes people to forward the video to others and also encourage them to forward and so on. That constant forwarding is what makes a video dubbed as a viral video.






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