Solo Advertising and Search Engine Optimization


Solo Ads is an integral part of Email Marketing. The primary advantage of a solo ad is to be able to send an email message with a detailed description of the product, service or opportunity that is promoted. And the other advantage is the possibility to insert a hyperlink in the email message connecting to the Sales Page or to a Short Video illustrating the product or opportunity with a powerful subject or headline urging the prospective buyer or opportunity seeker to immediately open the email.


Due to the exceptional characteristic of the solo ads, they are expensive compared to other methods of bulk advertising. Especially if the product or opportunity is planned to be presented to an Elite Tier 1 category of list comprising of prospects living in USA. UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.


If the number of individuals in the list is in the 100-200 range then to send a solo advertising to such a list would cost around $60-$80 per mailing. Correspondingly the expected responses from such a mailing is also very high if the price of the product is realistic, the sales message is persuasive and provides many benefits.


On other hand there are sources that offer Solo Ads with lists of Millions of emails. Due to the high volume of prospects comprising of buyers and opportunity seekers the cost is much lower.


Low priced products such as eBooks & Software, all types of get-paid-programs, home based programs, online data entry, surveys, all kinds of free advertising and crypto currency earning opportunities are most suitable for promoting with such high volume email lists.


Some email markets use the low priced bulk solo ads mainly to build their own lists. In those solo ads the marketers utilize a squeeze page or landing page with an offer urging the prospect to enter their name and email address. Upon entering the requested details either the prospect will be directed to an opportunity page or a thank you page with a short message that he or she will receive the requested to their mail box shortly.


It is possible to grow a list hundreds or thousands of subscribers within a short of period of time with this method. By repeating this process with various bulk email sellers, the email marketers continuously grow their list.







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