Internet Advertising


The primary objective and purpose of any business is selling a product or service. Without sales, a business cannot survive. All sales start with some form of advertising. To make sales, the advertisement must be seen or heard by people who are looking for products and present them in such a way causing them to buy those products. The success or failure of any advertisement depends on the advertisement itself.


Today most businesses have online access and with millions and millions of companies competing to sell their products or individuals trying to promote a money making program or affiliate program, a seller has only a few seconds to get the attention of a prospective buyer. The advertisement must be dominant enough to the buyer to order the product offered or request for further details. Any advertisement that does not induce the desired action is an absolute waste of time and money.


People buy for emotional reasons. Naturally as human beings, their extreme desires falls on Better Health, Greater Comfort, More Money, Get Rich, Increased Leisure Time, Popularity, Beauty, Success and Security. Your advertisement must be based on those lines.


The advertisement must state exactly what are the benefits the buyer could derive from the product and should express that message in the fewest possible number of words.


The HEADLINE of the advertisement is very important and attention grabbing. Most importantly the advertisement body must detail the benefits of the product to the buyer. The use of words Guaranteed, Definitely, Certainly or Sure Fire will let the buyer know you really mean business.


Finally the advertisement must urge the buyer to take immediate action with such words as Act Now, Order Immediately, The Price Will Go Up Without Notice, Request for Free Information, This is Absolutely a Free Offer Nothing To Buy  etc.,


If you know the emotional needs and wants of the people, and utilize those facts by creating powerful advertisements with mesmerizing words that induces the subconscious minds of the human to immediate action then you will be highly successful in whatever product or service that you are promoting online.


Types of Internet Based Advertisements


Classified Advertising, Ezine Advertising, Surf/Traffic Exchanges, Article Writing, Forum Posting, Free Give Away, Banner Advertising, Viral Advertising, Email Advertising (Solo Emails, Safe lists), Video Advertising, Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Submission.


Classified Advertising is one of the oldest but still effective type of advertising. There are thousands of websites where you could post your classified advertisements, but if you are place your advertisements manually it will take ages to post even to a fraction of those classified ad sites. Also, not all classified ad sites are effective and generate responses as most of these sites never get a significant amount of visitors (or Traffic). Here is one of the best classified sites that will automatically post to 100s of classified ad sites with a click of a button.


Ezines is the electronic version of Printed Magazines and a very highly effective way of reaching thousands of people in a matter of minutes. When using Ezines, always check the number of subscribers to the Ezine. The more subscribers the better response you will receive for your advertisement. Free and Paid Ezines both works well.


Surf Exchanges (also known as TRAFFIC EXCHANGES) is the method of showing your offer or product to a large audience absolutely free. With this method of advertising, it is guaranteed that your offer or website WILL BE seen by thousands of people. The more you visit other websites the more visits you will get to your website. Mostly if you have any offers that can be offered free, you will receive a very good response using Traffic Exchanges.


Article Writing: if you can write a good article about any subject then this a promising way of getting good response to your offer or product. What if you cannot write? Not a problem! Simply go to those websites where you can get free articles or contents and re-write those articles with your own words and submit those articles to websites that accepts free articles. For those who have no time to write or re-write articles can outsource them to guys who can do the works for you or use a software. Most important thing is, at the end of your article you have to put a link to your offer or website so that the people who read your article will visit your website or offer and join the program that you are offering or buy those products.


Forum Posting is similar to writing articles but these are short passages or description of the product that you offer or your website. At the end of your article you have to put a link to your offer or website so that the people who read your article will visit your website or offer and join the program that you are offering or buy those products. Once again if you don’t have the time to post them, outsource or use a software to automate the process.


Free Give Away. In this method of advertising you give away a product Free to gather customers or buyers for products that you plan to sell. Example: an eBook or a small Report about any business or life related subject. This is a 2-step process. First you have to make announcement using a Classified, Ezine or Traffic Exchange advertisement that you are giving away a free report or eBook. You are not expecting any monetary gains and simply you are giving away something totally FREE to market yourself. WHAT IF you don’t know a product giveaway free? You can buy bundles containing thousands of eBook and Reports for $5 or $10 with free give away rights.


Banner Advertising is another method of getting buyers for the products that you promote. Banners are in various sizes. Some banners are static and some are dynamic (means with or without animation). Unlike text advertising, Banners are very noticeable and attention-grabbing so they are still used successfully.  A variety of free and paid software available in the market to design fantastic banners to present your products. Also, those banners


Viral Advertising: You create your own eBook, put your email address, website link or affiliate link and give that eBook away free and tell others to give it away free to anyone and everyone. When they start distributing the eBook you will be getting free exposure. You can write your own eBook or use software available in the market to create books with super easy. Also, you can start your own viral advertising website or join a website that runs a viral advertising system. With viral advertising you can get millions of free visitors to the business opportunity or product that you are promoting.


Social Media Marketing is the fastest growing trend in advertising accomplished using the social media such as Facebook, Instergram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat and Zella. Each social media has their own set of instructions to be followed to promote your product or services.


Email Advertising is a resource used by companies and individual marketers worldwide to reach multi millions of buyers and customers with their product presentations with a click of a button. One of the most cost effective method of promoting products, business opportunities and programs.


Video Advertising. With the advent of YouTube, more and more companies and individual online marketers are using the video marketing medium to promote their products. The paramount advantage of video marketing is the possibility to show the real product to the buyers and customers. Humans have a tendency to respond to visuals, hence online marketers use this advantage to drive buyers to their website use videos. You can either create your own video or outsource them.


Search Engine Optimization is fine tuning your website to get the highest ranking in the search engines such as Google to drive organic traffic. With some critical keywords modifications in your webpage there is a possibility to get any website in the first 10 results of any Search Engine. Using SEO most web marketers drive organic traffic in thousands to their website and products.