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There’s a lot of excitement around the world mainly about Bitcoin and all other emerging Altcoins introduced as ICO (Initial Coin Offer) from around the world that are literally called Cryptocurrencies.

A a lot of talkings taking place about that the future currency and some say the means of future transaction will be using bitcoins or with other Altcoins. So getting into this scenario and gain some knowledge about cyptocurrencies important.

Conventional or electronic currencies, all have the tendency to fluctuate. Like Bitcoin, in 2009 the price of a Bitcoin was around $0.30 (Cents) and in 2017 it rose to $22,000 per coin. At present the price of a Bitcoin stands below $6,000/-. But there are speculations that the price of Bitcoin will increase once again to an astronomical level...

Many, many iindividual nvestors and corporations that nvested in Bitcoin in its inception have made millions and Billions in profit by the superior evolution of the Bitcoin.

Also there are other coins in the cryptocurrency financial market that are gaining momentum and those which were valued in cents at the beginning are now valued at several hundred dollars and they would be much more valuable in the future, unpredictably.

Most of us are not interested in the technical jargon in understanding how Bitcoin was produced utilizing the Blockchain Technonology. Also not everyone has the capacity to invest thousands of dollars to purchase Bitcoins or other coins in bulk and store to reap their profits in multiple once their value increases similar to the conventional coins USD, GBP, CHF or EURO..

But don’t be discouraged! There are many companies around the world that are offering tiny amounts of Bitcoins and other Altoiins for FREE. The new coins are offered via ICO (Initial Coin Offer) just for registering with those companies and also when you refer others you get more and more coins for FREE.

While some companies and individuals offer Top 20 coins such as Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dash coins, Dogecoins, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium and other coins for FREE that you could collect little by little and save them for future use.

To earn these major coins, you dont need to pay anything. Only work that you have to do is register, login in and claim the coins every 5 or 10 minutes. Within a day you can collect a number of coins easily. By regularly doing this, within a month you will be able to earn a considerable amount of coins.  Very Easy!

Unlike the conventional currencies sucha s USD, EURO etc., To store cryptocurrencies you will need online WALLETS to store each coin. To store Bitcoins and Etherium coins you need get a wallet from blockchain. Similary you need wallets to store Litecoins,Dogecoins,Bitcoin Cash or any other currency. You cannot store all currencies under one wallet. But you can store all coins under one source.

Before you start registering and claiming cryptocurrencies it is better to have an email address designated only to receive info related to CRYPTO WALLETS and CRYPTOCURRENCIES. When you register with a crypto program or wallet, make sure all such registrations are registered with the email that you designated for cryptocurrencies. In this way, you will not miss any important messages sent by the crypto coin or crypto wallet relating to that coin.


Faucethub is one of the best places to earn crypto coins. They offer almost all coins for free. There is no limit to the number of coins that you wish to earn. Simply you register with them and start earning coins on a daily basis. Most importantly with their high security login system, you can be sure that no hacker will steal your crypto currencies. All crypto currencies that you earn will be stored in the faucethub website. When you have collected a certain amount of coins, you will be able to transfer the coins to your Bitcoin or other wallets with a simple confirmation by email. Registering with them is easy and free. Below is the link to join this site and earn free cryptocurrencies.


After earning a considerable amount of cryptos it is better to send those currency to a mining site. The mining site is the place where the crypos will be multiplying. Eobot is a source that offer a system that will mine cryptocurrencies for free. Mining means it will increase the cryptocurrencies that you deposit with them on a daily basis. Also, they will give you free cryptocurrencies for daily login in to the website. You dont need to pay any money to mine with them. Registration is free and also the mining is also free. Below is the link to join this website for free. . With eobot you can diverse mining using options. You can mine bitcoin, etherium, ripple, dogecoin and bitcoin cash at once. Or you can simply opt to mine only one coin, it is your choice. If you need assistance in how to transfer coins from faucethub to eobot please contact us using this link.


Rather than collecting free coins, you may prefer to buy coins in lots and start mining immediately. Good idea! Bestchange is a remarkable place to purchase cryptos using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Payeer, Paypal, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Advanced Cash, Web Money and many other payment processors. Also, you can exchange the cryptos in your hand to other cryptos very easily. They provide real time market value of each cryptocurrencies used all around the world. The prices will go and down every 60 seconds. When you are purchasing wait for at least 2 minutes to analyze the price fluctuations, perhaps the price will go down very low. Use the link below to register with this website for free and make profit:


Contrary to mining crypto currencies, investing is much better and faster. What you need to do is purchase crytpo currencies for minmum $10 (Ten Dollars) and invest. That is all you have to do. The investment company will take care of your investment and start paying you profits on a daily, monthly or yearly as per your choice. The following are some sources where you invest your crypto and earn profits.

BTCP. Accepts payments via Perfect Money or Payeer. This is one of the fast growing company with clients all over the world. Minimum investment is $10 with returns upto 2,500%. Click here to register:

COINTP. Once you register with this source, you will get 100 coins for free as a bonus and also have the opportunity to earn 100,000 coins per claim. Click here to register:

STRAT. Another source to invest in Bitcoin and doubling them. minimum investment is $10. They accept only bitcoins. Click below to register with them. Registration is free.

TRUST. Accepts, Payeer, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Etherium. Click here to register. Registration is free.


This is another way of earning free bitcoins. In this method you need register but there is no requirement to click or invest anything. What is required from you is to download a certain software (virus free of course) and be online. This software will use your CPU power to mine bitcoin. But it will not affect your devise (such as slowing down performance) etc., Immediatefly after registering with this program you will be given a certain amont of micro bitcoins as a bonus. And you will be given coins on a regularly basis depending on the number of hours that you are online. The bitcoin that you will get from this source is considerable. Click here to register:


When you register with a free crypto currency website, crypto investment site, mining site or any other site you will have the option to refer others to join the program. When that person joins program, you will get a certain percentage of coins as a commission. The more people join the program with your efforts the more coins you will get for free.